About the journal


Applied Nursing Journal of Indonesia (ANJI) is a scientific forum for research in the health sector, especially in the field of nursing.
ANJI was founded and sheltered by AIPViKI with the aim and purpose of increasing skills and knowledge in the field of nursing.
ANJI is published twice a year, in May and November.
ANJI is a scientific peer-reviewed journal platform that seeks to provide updates on nursing knowledge both in practical and intellectual terms


This Journal is focus for studies that aim to analyze and comprehend nursing health care treatments and health policies that make use of cutting-edge nursing research from an expert viewpoint are included in the scope of this publication. Research on clinical settings, the community, and health policy in Asia is published in ANJI from comparative and global perspectives.
Our scope is to assess and comprehend complicated nursing care interventions in the areas of community, clinical, and mental health nursing as well as nursing fundamentals. The journal also made a commitment to enhancing the high-quality research by publishing analytical approaches, evaluation procedures, and research methodologies, with systematic review papers being no exception.


ANJI is published twice a year in May and November


Due to the development of the ANJA website, manuscript collection can be done by sending an email to jurnal@aipviki.org by taking into account the author’s guide which can be downloaded here

After receiving suggestions from peer reviewers, the Editorial Board chooses the workable manuscript.
It is the author’s obligation to revise the manuscript, and any unworkable submissions will be returned to the author.

ANJI is currently in the process of indexing from